We once again started our day outside, socializing the chickens. Lilah is integrating fairly well, but she’s still not tolerated inside the coop. Atwood’s still being territorial. Izzy is still being…Izzy: sweetest lap chicken in the world.

chocolate geodesAfter a quick couple errands related to the Nook and science activity supplies, we had lunch at Jill’s house before coming home to finish up the edible geodes. While the activity dragged over several days, it only demanded a little bit of work at each time. The results are pretty cool and, if you’re a kid, delicious (too sickly sweet for me).


Noah did some math (which he loves) and some reading (which he hates). It’s not that he hates reading; it’s just that he hates every reading practise I’ve been able to come up with (besides the Star Wars readers). There were two exercises: to define if something was a sentence or a fragment, and to complete sentences by writing in a word and then drawing a line from the sentence to its illustration. Writing basics. I wouldn’t say it’s fascinating work, but it’s tolerable. Noah didn’t think so. He had a complete meltdown before storming off to his room, worksheet in hand.

When I went up there ten minutes later, he was halfway done. And all his answers were right. (Handwriting still atrocious)

Last month we attended a birthday party. A guest at the party has a son who is Noah’s age and goes to our local school. I was grilling her about what they were learning in Grade 1. Of course, Zahra went through Grade 1 at the school. But Zahra also managed all her own homework assignments and breezed through material essentially on her own.

I was told that they were doing addition and subtraction. Check. That they were reading books with one sentence on each page. Check. And writing. Oops. We haven’t done a lot of that, mostly because I’ve been so heavily focused on getting him to a reading level where he can read for enjoyment. But I’ve dropped the ball on that one. So I’ll be keeping writing top of mind for him in the next couple months.

And we’ll have the time. Flipping through my planner, I see that I planned to cover a lot of material by February and had left a lot of wiggle room in the months to come. I’m happy about that, because only now can I see what material has been the most difficult for them to grasp and the weaknesses they need to work on.

writing basicsWhile Zahra caught up on some writing basics of her own (letters to her family), Leila and I went through her Little Passports Early Explorers package. This month was “world discoveries”, which wasn’t my favourite. It was the least concrete subject so far, and I’m not sure how much she got out of it.

When everyone had finished up, we piled on the couch to continue reading the third book of the How to Train Your Dragon series. We took a short break for dinner and baths before reading another two chapters. And then it was time for bed!