We got up early. 5:15 to be exact. We’re usually eating breakfast when the school bus passes. Today, we pulled out of our driveway over an hour before the school bus would appear. It’s hard to get out of those warm, cozy beds, but once we’re up, we’re up! And today we were on our way to the downtown television studio of BT Montreal.

montreal morningI had had my five minutes of fame on a segment on homeschooling and, before I left the studio that day, I mentioned that my kids would love to see how all of “this” (television producing) works. Catherine Verdon Diamond, being the amazing person that she is, told me we would set something up. And there we were! I invited Cindy and Kristin and their kids to join us, and so we met up in the city in the wee hours of the morning. The city is beautiful when it’s waking up, especially now with all the lights and sparkle.

We sat on set for the last hour of the show. The kids heard a news segment, a sports segment, a cooking segment (with Chuck Hughes), the weather (a bitter -19 C in downtown Montreal today!!), and we even had the good fortune of being there on the same day that two of Canada’s Most Powerful Women (Christiane Germain and Nadia Petrolito) were there. When the newscasters announced a holiday giveaway, the cameramen panned over us as we cheered. Leila even got her makeup done by the cast’s makeup artist. Dream come true.



























When the show was finished, we asked the cast some questions about their jobs. Noah and Jordan didn’t hesitate to take the newscasters’ seats. I soaked up the beautiful view of McGill.









We got our coats on to leave and one of the set managers walked us out. She told me that it was a great pleasure to have us there and that the kids were so well behaved. Indeed, they sat silently on that set for an hour. I assured her we’d come back anytime we were invited, haha!

We had planned on leaving right away to drop Zahra off at knitting, but I remembered that she needed an outfit for her violin concert tomorrow. How hard could it be to find something red, white and/or black downtown? Excruciatingly difficult, apparently. After three stores, we came out with only a pair of black leggings. Defeated, we headed back to the car and pulled up into Paola’s driveway just as knitting was over. Never mind, Zahra got her stitch ¬†question answered and can continue her knitting project now. The mittens that she’s making her kindergarten teacher are gorgeous, and she says I’m next in line!

One more stop where we managed to find a red shirt for Zahra, and then we were on our way home. After lunch, we iced Christmas cookies and filled tins, ready to play Santa and spread some sugar-induced joy to our friends. Zahra and Maya continued working on their quinzhee in the forest, and Noah and Leila watched The Polar Express.