Another ped day for our friends at the local elementary school (do they even have a full week during the month of October??), and this time, we were invited to spend the day at our friends’ house. Nathalie pulls off miracles. She was able to get 5 lbs of dry ice yesterday and store it overnight, still ending up with enough of it to do three or four different experiments this morning with five kids. And they loved it.

IMG_5814 IMG_5816









IMG_5818When they got tired of watching it smoke in hot water or pop the tops off plastic bottles, they made up their own experiments, adding food colouring and even dish soap (which made the smoke grow snake skin!). Giggles and shrieks of laughter all around.

The kids then tried to train the two kittens. While the kittens wanted nothing to do with that, they were rather obliging with Leila who wanted to carry them around like babies. Next, we headed outside for some fun on the trampoline, and while the younger ones played badminton, Zahra and Gianluca made a time capsule and buried it in the backyard. Inside the time capsule (a pasta box) was a plastic dinosaur, a piece of candy, a pen and a flyer. Seemed like they were playing a joke on the humans of the future who will dig it up. đŸ˜‰

We had a great time. The only downside was the amazing lasagna we had for lunch: I’m fairly certain it ruined my kids to ever eating my pasta again.

After we left Nathalie’s house, we needed to do a little shopping. We’re having family pictures taken tomorrow, and there were a couple of clothing items missing to make us look somewhat like a cohesive family group. We got distracted by the secondhand store that was advertising a 3-for-1 used book sale. The kids were asked by the cashier where they went to school, and when Zahra replied that we homeschool, the woman answered, “Ah! So that’s why you’re buying so many books.” It turns out that 5 of her 9 grandchildren are homeschooled. We left laden down with dozens of books and a little red-and-white dress that we need to make work as a Little Red Riding Hood costume for Leila.

Now, I need a red, hooded cape and black material for wings. I’ve got a week. The pressure is on.