Today, I asked each of the kids to sit with me for a bit and tell me about their portfolio, en français. We flipped through them, reliving the year and all their accomplishments, and I was especially touched to see so many people in the pictures who have truly blessed our lives. When I took my kids out of school, one of the things I worried about was my kids having other adult mentors in their lives—someone besides their mom from whom they could learn and in whom they could confide. Looking through their scrapbooks, I see now that I needn’t have worried at all.

Those people are Jill, Julie, Kimberley, Nathalie, Monique, Kristin, Cindy, Elwood, Karen, Andrea, Stephanie and Mari. Not only do my kids love them, but I do, too.

And while I have countless others to thank for myriad learning experiences along the way, these people I’ve named have been a regular presence in my children’s lives and have made such an impact as to be named on more than one occasion at our dinner table. Their positive presence in our lives has been captured in time, lovingly taped into a portfolio of learning that we’ll keep forever. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be in our pictures for many more years to come.
So, yes—we’re ready for our portfolio evaluations tomorrow. Bring it!