We started the day earlier than usual, so Noah and I did some reading practice at the kitchen table while his sisters finished their breakfast. I had wanted to drop Leila off at a friend’s house and take the older two to my eye appointment, but once they heard that going to Jill’s house was a possibility, they all had to go. Much more fun than my eye appointment, and Jill is more than up to the task of watching my three monkeys in addition to her own. Zahra was happy to abandon her Cuisenaire rods and division problems to run down the forest road.

We all had lunch at her house before heading directly to Stop Motion Animation class at 4Cats Studio.  When I came to pick them up, they showed me the flying Lego vehicles they had constructed and how they made them move while they were taking pictures. It’s coming together, it seems, and I can’t wait to see the final product.

After we got home, Noah played outside while the girls bounced around from one thing to another, too excited, waiting for friends to arrive to spend the night. We had dinner, followed by a movie and popcorn, and now everyone’s in bed. Well…they’re upstairs, and there’s lots of giggling and pattering of feet. 🙂