We joined commuters this morning on the train to go to the downtown library. I try to take the train for many reasons: it’s fun for the kids, it makes the trip there part of the adventure, it saves me gas and parking fees (and this wear-and-tear on the car that Saïd keeps talking about but that keeps going right over my head), it’s reasonably fast and beats fighting traffic, and it’s an environmentally conscious decision.

But today, I wasn’t really feeling it. With the wind, it was bitterly cold, and waiting on the quay for the train was not fun. Noah and Leila were being over-the-top silly, throwing their bodies and various winter gear items over the seats and on the floor. All three of them seemed to move at a snail’s pace, and so I was constantly pushing them forward and reminding them to keep moving and stay to the right, as we were being trampled by exasperated commuters. Poor Zahra caught a cold at skiing yesterday, which despite seeming minor this morning seemed to get worse and worse throughout the day; she was in a fog. I learned that I’m actually supposed to be buying tickets for Zahra…and maybe even Noah. What’s the “kids ride free” rule? Apparently, it’s only on weekends and holidays for the 12-and-under group; otherwise, I think, it’s six-and-under ride free. So I was shelling out extra money for our metro tickets, and then, since the last train leaves Ile Perrot at 8:21 in the morning, we also arrived at the library half an hour before it opened. Noah needed to go to the bathroom and all kids were starving. Clementines and water didn’t cut it, but I couldn’t pack much more than that since my backpack was crammed full of library books.

IMG_6648Sigh. The good news was that library story time was not full, so even though we didn’t sign up in advance, the kids got in. It was the story time for the younger group, but my kids were just happy to sit and listen to someone read them a few books and sing a few songs. Bonus that it’s in French. I think we’ll sign up for the next one for the slightly older group. There are also quite a few cool activities going on there for spring break for the 10+ age group.

We ran into friends there but had to scoot out quickly to catch the 12:30 train—otherwise we’d be downtown until at least 3:30, and I needed to get Zahra home. So, we got on the train, canceled the piano lesson, and headed home. I popped popcorn and let the kids watch a movie.

After the movie, because we were all a bit delirious with fatigue, I tried to propose the water cycle drawing again. 😉