Nothing like reading practice and math to get you all excited to start your day. I might have been feeling that just a tad bit more than the kids. They were super excited to go to a Music & Movement class. When I picked them up, they were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and playing with a giant parachute. But their favourite part of the class was Kimberley’s Tooth Fairy rap. She made us a copy of it on CD, and we listened to it on the way home. It’s awesome. It is exactly the type of song with big bass that you can crank up to full volume, with the windows down, in a minivan, and still be cool. Or my version of cool. And this is exactly what I did as we rolled through the neighbourhood to Jill’s house.

Jill watched Noah and Leila while I took Zahra to her art class, squeezed in a little writing in a Starbucks, and then made a round through Vaudreuil to pick up milk cartons. Ah, yes, the milk carton project. I believe we’re over 300 hundred now, with today’s load. Unfortunately, winter is not cooperating. The above-freezing weather persists, and so our cartons are full of slush. Sigh. I’ll keep hoping for a miracle plummeting of temperatures over the weekend.

surface tensionAs Zahra and I made our way back to Jill’s house, she suddenly cried out, “Mom! Surface tension!” At the light, I turned around to find her conducting a little experiment with a straw and her bottle of juice. “The water molecules are clinging to each other at the bottom of the straw!” God, I love this kid.

At Jill’s, we stayed to play and have supper, only coming home for bath and bed—and surprise! Noah lost his tooth. That, of course, meant a family version of the Tooth Fairy rap.

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