I think we’re going to start the holiday break today. We did a couple things this morning (reading practice, SQUILT), but really, there were only two things on our mind:


  1. The mock election tomorrow. Zahra and I sang and practiced our choreography until we were hoarse. We made photocopies. We stapled.¬†Noah and Leila made up their own roles. We crafted accessories to make them look like arctic animals. I made a pasta salad for the potluck and downloaded the campaign songs to my iPhone. We’re ready.
  2. Christmas. Yesterday, we got our tree. Tonight, we put on the lights and the ornaments. We set up the nativity scene (or as it’s affectionately known in our house, Jesus Town). We hung the stockings. We dug out the Christmas candles that go in the bathroom.

The tree looks pretty good for a $19.99 tree out of the Maxi parking lot, right? Zahra says it’s our tallest tree yet.