The kids did not want to get dressed this morning. No matter, because they wanted to do everything else. We were super homeschoolers today. Noah’s reading practice provided the framework for some great comedy, mostly at my expense. The blended sound of the day was “gn” (as in ligne, champignon, peigne). Noah wanted me to isolate the sound, as I have others in the past, so he could memorize it and insert it in the words as needed. The problem is, I have a hard time saying this sound on its own; I need to say it in a word. So as I struggled to enunciate “gn”, the kids laughed and laughed, and Noah zipped through his words and sentences.

During this time, Zahra was working on a Cross-Numbers puzzle. She’s been making her way through a Grade 3-level book, and each ten puzzles cover a different set of mathematical notions and build on each other. Unbeknownst to her. She just keeps plowing away and, so far, hasn’t met with any difficulties. I’m anxious for her to move on to the Grade 4 book (which should be next week).

IMG_6427I’ve been keeping Leila busy with cutting work. She loves using scissors, and so I’ve been asking her to cut along different types of lines (straight, curved, zigzag). Once these more individual tasks were done, we jumped back into geometric solids. Today, we built our own cubes using a flat pattern that the kids had to cut and glue. It was a proud moment for me when Zahra and Noah took it upon themselves to guide Leila on how to cut, and then how to fold and glue, her cube.

Then we got out the Magformers. It was a really neat and easy way to make flat patterns and then pull them up into 3D forms.
















The most surprising part of the day for me was our SQUILT practice. We’ve been using this music appreciation program from the beginning, but as I’ve mentioned before, it often seems more like art therapy. The kids listen to a composition and then draw what they hear. The binder of drawings that I’ve collected is quite…something. Music is in the ears of the listener, it’s true, but some of the things they’ve come up with while listening to these Baroque and Classical selections are very interesting. Like the four-week block where all Noah heard was ninjas climbing ladders. Or Leila’s “storms” of swirly-coloured mess. Zahra always gives it her best effort; even so, it’s interesting that the last three Classical compositions have made her think of water. Anyway, today, they listened to Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, Mov. 1, for thirty minutes. Leila went through three drafts before deciding that her picture was worthy of going in the binder. Zahra sat deep in thought before getting started. Noah taped two pieces of paper together in order to make a huge panorama-style drawing and—get this—used a blue coloured pencil. The boy who hates to colour and has thus far insisted on only using regular pencils. I was giddy.

IMG_6432After lunch, we joined friends at Woo-Hoo to blow off some steam on this freezing, windy day. The kids are itching to ski. So much so that Noah was walking around the kitchen in one ski boot after dinner. We can’t wait to get started with that. I should say, I can’t wait until the rest of my family gets started with that. Hello, couch, fireplace, coffee and book.