Today was a special day for me. It was the day that this went into the mail:


That’s the application for Non-Profit Organization status for the Nook Homeschoolers’ Centre. On it is a mission statement that succinctly sums up what we worked so hard to do during this first three-month session and what we hope to accomplish in the near future. On it are the signatures of three special ladies and myself, four people who believed this could happen and made it happen. It’s very exciting!

IMG_8228And the rest of the day was pretty great, too. Kimberley came for our “last” Music & Movement, the word last being in quotation marks because it’s only the last one of the session. The kids love her, and her program is rich and complete, with an “instrument of the day”, rhythm games, scales, dancing, singing and more. We’ve already booked her for the Nook’s fall session!














Next, we headed to Pointe-du-Moulin, a beautiful historic park on the water, for Birdwatching and to have a picnic lunch. Ryan led us through a wooded area, an open area and along the water, pointing out all sorts of interesting things along the way. The kids were only too happy to get in the water, and Noah found a fossil! We picked a shady spot to picnic and spent some more time there before heading back to the Nook.

special daypointe du moulin gabriel fossils climbing trees picnic

























It was so hot that it was difficult to play outside, but the kids made the most of it, crafting animal masks, playing board games, and even drafting a list of names for the tadpoles—the ones that the girls were going to go see at a swimming spot near Kristin. Zahra left with them, and the younger ones and I headed to Jill’s for some fun in the water.

board games2tadpole nameswater play








Needless to say, bedtime came quickly tonight!