Since Leila has started school and the Nook has started back up, I must admit, I’m feeling especially tired at the end of the day. Our days start with getting up early, packing up Leila and seeing her off on the bus; what follows is a combination of the big kids’ work, volunteering at the school, rock climbing, piano, taking an online class, and today we added a drama class for Zahra.

Lots of new spaces for our family. This is our fall routine, and I’m sure part of it is just getting back into gear after two months of doing a whole lot of nothing. But the past few nights, I haven’t made it much past 9:00pm. And my feet hurt.

preschool artYesterday was our first day of workshops at the Nook. It started with preschool art where the little kids sponge-painted apple trees—and they had a view of the apple orchard at Quinn Farm! I’m loving the new spaces we have here, too. It feels so much easier to circulate, and there’s something interesting happening in every corner.

After preschool art, Zahra hung back to make her own knitting needles with Kristin during Knitting Circle while I took Noah to a nearby park for Sports Hour. Cindy led the big kids in soccer-dodgeball while Erin headed up some other movement games with the little ones. It’s so nice for the homeschoolers to get to play some of these sports and games that take a big group. We’ve got that big group now at the Nook!

sports hour

After lunch, I sent Zahra and Noah to French Literature and joined Cindy to teach Beginner French. We covered the rooms of the house and gave the kids some time to draw a floor plan (of their own house or their dream house). Then, they practised explaining their floor plans or asking/answering questions about them. I loved their drawings!

new spacesbeginner French








Ryan YoungThis was followed by drama and yoga, during which I scooted out to pick up Leila and a friend from school. When I got back, I joined up with our special guest, Ryan Young, who was leading an activity on monarch butterflies and doing a nature walk with the kids. Even though he and his family aren’t members of the Nook this session, Ryan has volunteered to come in nearly every other week to lead a nature walk; so that’s amazing and we’re very thankful!! The last workshop of the day was entomology. A packed schedule of events!

Zahra, Noah and I took our own nature walk today. We’re taking an online course called Initiation à la botanique (Intro to Botany). Every week, a new sequence is released and we work through it at our rhythm. Today, we watched two short videos on the identifying characteristics of plants and how to observe plants in the field. Then, we set off on a walk through the woods behind our house to photograph two different plants growing there. We’re having a lot of fun with it and will be adhering to the theme of botany in much of the science we do this year.


Another thing we worked on today was continuing our map of Canada. We now have British Columbia and a few islands! Slow going, but we’re all working on our drawing skills and Noah’s working on his handwriting. It’s one of my favourite activities, but I can’t say as much for the kids yet.

Well…it’s 8:30, so you know what that means…hahaha.