We listened to this week’s SQUILT selection (Verdi’s “La donna e mobile“) this morning while waiting for friends to arrive. This tune is from some commercial (likely years and years old) that I can’t put my finger on. Pasta sauce, I think. Anyway, I’m happy my kids will recognize it as an opera tune composed by Verdi instead of a pasta sauce commercial. My work here is done.

edible geodeZahra and Leila were reading, and Noah was scribbling away in his Star Wars math book (he loves this workbook!) when my friend Karen and her kids arrived. After a quick lunch, we got to work on a science experiment/cooking activity: making edible geodes. Today, we prepared the moulds, made the water-sugar solution, and poured it in to set. It will take us about a week to finish them, but when we do, we’ll have amethyst geodes made of rock candy and chocolate. How cool is that? Let’s just not think about the quantity of sugar that went into this experiment.

sledding 2Set the water/sugar solution on the counter to crystallize and pack the kids in the cars: time to head to the sled hill! We played in this park and scoped out this hill before it was covered in snow—and knew we had to come back. We were not disappointed. Parc des Éperviers in Notre-Dame-de-l’Ile-Perrot has the best sledding hill I’ve been on in a long time. The hill is steep, long, and then dips into a basin—it seems like you’re sledding forever. I loved it. The kids loved it. Well, maybe the little guy wasn’t impressed, but he was so patient with us.


After the park, we said goodbye to our friends and drove to the Lego Store for our monthly mini-build. This month, the kids made a rabbit—and he’s really cute! We were also reminded that it’s Spring Break. Need I say more?