Selenology is the study of the moon, which is what we did this morning. I’m really liking this mini-course we got from Be Naturally Curious. I downloaded a couple of their mini-courses a year ago but hadn’t had the time to use them. When I saw they recently published ‘Our Neighbour, the Moon,’ I had to grab it.

Last week, we read the story and talked a bit about the phases of the moon. This morning, the kids chose roles (sun, moon and Earth) and we talked about how the moon (the yellow ball with its dark side and near side) could be seen from Earth, depending on its alignment with Earth and the sun. Lots of giggles. An errant moon.

We decided to become selenologists for a week or two and observe the moon each night. Zahra taped a sheet to her window where we will record the phase of the moon, if it’s waxing or waning, crescent or gibbous.

Between this and constellations and myths, we keep looking up.

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