This morning, we dug into this month’s package from Little Passports. The country this time is Poland and along with our letter and souvenir came the directions for a science experiment (Marie Curie) and a recipe for potato pancakes. We didn’t get to those yet, though, because when I think “Poland”, I automatically think of my aunt and uncle who lived there for years. Growing up, I was always awed by their spirit of adventure and experiences living abroad.

So when the letter gave us two new Polish words (but not their pronunciations), I suggested we find out by making a short video to ask my aunt. Sure, we could have Skyped or called her, but this seemed more fun.




I posted the video to my aunt’s Facebook wall, and we’re eagerly waiting for her response. Using my iPhone to make a short video to send to my aunt reminded me of a couple summers ago when Noah made me follow him around the yard and house, filming him as if he were the expert on some home renovation show. Next week, Zahra and Noah start a stop-motion animation class, and we also have on our to-do list to make a video for our French penpal, who sent us a video of “a day in her life” last week that we absolutely loved.