chick at homeWe stayed home today…which has seemed increasingly rare these days. Kids woke up at the crack of dawn…or we were super efficient breakfast eaters…or a combination of the two, because by 8:00, Noah and I were finishing up his portfolio, Zahra was typing her play, and Leila was cuddling chicks.

chick sitWhen Noah and I were done, we took those always-growing chicks outside for their first day of “confined free ranging”, as I like to call it. They ate grass and bugs, they stretched their legs and their wings, they met their superiors (i.e., Atwood and Izzy Mari), and most importantly, they pooped outside instead of in my living room. Zahra chick-sat while Noah cleaned out the brooders and feeding paraphernalia. Leila and I got started on her portfolio.

Oh my. Remember when I was wishing that the portfolio experience be more like a leisurely, pleasant walk down Memory Lane? Well, Leila was determined to make it leisurely in the extreme.

“Look! That’s me! I’m making a pie.”

“Yep. Remember when we went apple picking and then spent the entire next day with all those boxes of apples?”

“Look! That’s me! I’m washing the table.”

“Yep. You used to love to do that. You haven’t done it in awhile.”

“Look! That’s me! I’m counting starfish.” Pause. Hysterical laughter. “All these pictures are me!”

“Yep. This is your portfolio.”

“Look! That’s me! I love this picture of me.”

“Here’s the tape.”

“I’m going to give this picture a kiss.”

“Here’s the tape.”

“Can I keep this picture?”

Here’s the tape!

In the remainder of the morning before lunch, Leila and I completed exactly three pages of her portfolio. Sigh.

We ate lunch outside, still watching the chicks. The older chickens didn’t seem too interested in them, actually. Atwood looked them up and down once and pecked one of them on the head, but no more curiosity than that.

readingmysterious objects









gardeningThe kids swung and played in the forest. Noah and I finished another book in the How to Train Your Dragon series. I sent Zahra to get the mail and she came back with a letter from our Mysterious Objects subscription! It was perfect timing. There was another message to decode that told us to bury the labyrinth key. It’s made of that seed paper, and so we planted it in the front garden. There was also a poster from the Bog & Burrow Inn advertising the food specials and musical acts. Near the bottom was written: Want to perform at the Bog & Burrow? Apply at…  and a URL. That inspired Zahra to come up with her own musical act, which she named The Chiklets. She made a poster of the trio of chickens and listed their biggest hits.