I took one picture today, and this is it. Noah and Leila reading in the orthodontist’s waiting room. We did so many fun things today, but this is the one picture I have on my phone.

We started working at 8:30 today. That’s two days in a row, and that’s my goal. We did some French work this morning, but before we could get to math, it was time to go pick up a hedgehog cage in Saint Lazare. The best laid plans…

Back home for a quick lunch, then off to Zahra’s orthodontist appointment. A quick swing by the library to sign a form for a background check (did I tell you I’m going to lead two book clubs at our town library this school year?) and then to the local park for a homeschoolers’ Not-Back-to-School Party.

It was nice to see some of our friends who we haven’t seen all summer and chat about our plans for the upcoming year. Noah and Leila didn’t want to leave, and Zahra was only keen on leaving because she was bringing a new friend home with her. The kids showed Vicky their chickens and played in the back yard while Milla and I chatted over tea.

We had dinner together before they left and then the kids had a FaceTime session with Grandma and Grandpa before getting ready for bed. I laughed when I realized that the only photo I had taken all day  was in an orthodontist’s waiting room. The kids were reading. And then I realized that it’s not a bad summary of homeschooling: we learn everywhere, at all times of the day. We just started with the French at 8:30.