The sun shone bright on our second Thursday at the Nook, and we were able to take full advantage of the outdoor site. Here are pictures from our day.



We started this bright and beautiful day as all bright and beautiful days should: with singing and eukelele and yoga.




nature hour


Anjali moved the drama workshop group from their reading circle to the big, open area where they could practice the play. Costumes are coming together, and the kids are getting ready for their show on May 20.

Kristin led a group of us outside where we used a compass to find the cardinal points. Then, using whistles and Morse code, she got the group moving, running north, south, east or west, according to the whistle blows. Kids took turns giving the whistle commands, and then they even tried directing their friends through the labyrinth.

nature gamemorse code the labyrinth








sunbathing day


We sunbathed on the veranda.






play dough skin


Cindy’s anatomy lesson had the kids making models of the three layers of skin using play dough, string and pipe cleaners.

IMG_7345skin model







science writing


Look at these studious girls taking careful notes on the science lesson!








Then they put the sensitivity of their skin to the test and realized that some parts of their skin are more sensitive than others. The kids also lined up to try an experiment where they put one hand in icy water, the other in warm water, and then put them together into room temperature water. We learned that skin feels the sensations of hot and cold in a relative manner.


sleeping baby

And while Cindy had kids ranging in age from 7 to 13 around the table, it was all a bit much for baby Gabriel. Gabriel, however, is not the youngest member of the Nook! Today we met one of our member families for the first time. Alexandre brought four of his kids, and we can’t wait to meet his wife and their fifth child, who is only one week old!






Next was art. The kids were asked to paint the fruit in the bowl in the centre of the table—but they had to paint it in different colours.






feeding lambs


Heading outside, we helped feed the lambs, held baby chicks, and learned so many things from Mr. Quinn! The joys of being on the farm.






soccer day


Finally, it was time for soccer. What a glorious afternoon to run around on the field! Louis had them jumping, running, kicking and playing scrimmages against each other. The kids had a blast!