Today is actually our second day of getting back into the swing of things. On Tuesday, Leila finally had a full day of maternelle, and so I decided that was as good a time as any to dive into our own work.

Leila’s transition to maternelle has been pretty good. In the morning, she doesn’t want to go…or so she says. She doesn’t put up much of a fight, though, and there are no tears. I think she’s testing me to see if she really has to go or not. But at the end of each school day, she says she loves it. At night, when I’m putting her to bed, I always ask her what the best part of her day was and what the worst part was. Tonight, she said the best part of her day was going to school, and the worst part of her day was not getting to go to school again. She wanted a round-trip on that bus. Sweet girl.

And so on Tuesday, after getting Leila on the bus, we got started with the things we’ll be doing on a regular basis: French (grammar and verb conjugation for Zahra, reading and writing for Noah), math, and the drawing of a map of Canada. Each of us has an 11×17 ledger-sized paper on which we’ll be drawing our own maps of Canada. Each week, we’ll add a few more lines, talking about the geography of the country along the way—and we’ll finish sometime in January.

The upside to Leila getting on the bus at 7:50am, if there is one, is that the rest of us are up and ready to go around 8:00am—a full hour or more earlier than last year! This morning, the kids buckled down to get a bit of math and French done, so by 9:30, we were headed out the door. After a quick stop at the Grande Bibliothèque, we hurried over to Allez Up. One of the goals on our chart for 2016 is to do more rock climbing, and so I am going to try really, really, really hard to get us to Allez Up or Horizon Roc once a week. Or three times a month. All three of us really enjoy it, it’s great exercise, and this year we can take advantage of the fact that Leila’s in school to dedicate some time on a regular basis to the sport.

img_8736 img_8735


Today, we climbed on three different boulders as well as the auto-belay walls. On my first try, I was near the top of the boulder when I realized, with horror, that if I missed a grip, I’d go plummeting to the ground—not be caught by the rope mechanism, like with the auto-belayers. No matter that there are nice, cushy mats under the boulders; it would still be scary and quite a drop! What fantastic motivation to haul my ass up and over the top.

img_8737 img_8742









After two hours of climbing, we were done. On the way home, this happened:


Fruit and veggie co-op running at full speed again this fall.

Later, we went to Jill’s house to celebrate baby Gabriel’s first birthday: yummy dinner and dessert, beautiful baby, hanging out with friends. Awesome kids reading together. Love.


And tomorrow, it’s back to the Nook!