Today was a sit-at-the-table-and-buckle-down-to-work kind of day. Leila learned the letter p, traced her sandpaper letter, wrote out four rows of p‘s and made clay p‘s and a pig. Noah did some reading and writing, very reluctantly. The one thing he really does love to read are the Agent Jean books. A friend of mine told me about these last year, but at the time, they were still too advanced for Noah. They are still difficult, but Noah’s very determined to read them. He also did a couple pages in his Star Wars math book. Zahra worked on symmetry in geometric shapes and interrogative sentences in French.

Once they had finished their individual work, I clicked on the YouTube link to today’s SQUILT selection. You should have seen the kids’ eyes light up! They loved the Baroque period. They thought the Classical period was ok. They’ve had very little interest in the Romantic period—until today. They loved this piece! They couldn’t stay in their seats. They loved its “epic space battle” qualities and appreciated that Zahra’s name was in it (Also Sprach Zarathustra).

secondhand store treasuresAfter that, I released them to the great outdoors. We ate a late lunch and piled into the car. While Zahra was at her piano lesson, Noah, Leila and I hit the secondhand stores in the area looking for art supplies, board games and other miscellaneous items for the Nook. After Zahra’s lesson, we stayed for dinner.

Our Amazon order had arrived earlier in the day. In it was a DVD of the 1967 version of Doctor Doolittle (the one with Rex Harrison). So I declared it a movie night and we snuggled up with popcorn to watch this (omg, 2.5-hour-long) movie.