Perhaps it’s because, as we say in French, “il pleuvait des cordes”, but the kids were very concentrated this morning on their lessons and it was especially…quiet. I have a high tolerance for noise level, but the past few days have been rough. I’ve even, ahem, screamed at them to stop screaming. Sigh.

But they were quiet and worked quickly. Noah *almost* made it to the end of his writing exercise without complaining. Almost. I’ll take it, especially over what I got yesterday. When they were done, they stared out the window for a few minutes. Then they stared at me. I let them watch a movie.

When it was done, we had lunch and decided to go shopping for supplies for the Nook. The centre opens on Monday, and it’s come together very nicely. Today, I spoke with Elwood Quinn of Quinn Farm, and we’ll be able to hatch chicks as a Nook community project. Very exciting!