Today could have been one of those days where I squeeze my eyes shut and tap my heels together and wish to be…well, not home. Or one of those days where I pick a really, really, really good hiding spot and let the kids keep seeking forever. Not that I ever do that.

Noah and Leila woke up multiple times in the night for some reason. At one point, they were even talking to each other. This morning, there was no coffee in the house. I thought I could make it until after lunch when we’d go out to take Zahra to art class. But the kids were so uncooperative today. They didn’t want to do anything except fight with each other. Leila left the room after making a clay ‘m’ and put herself for a nap. Zahra vomited right before lunch.

During all of this, I’m on the phone with the car insurance company, and then the Symphony Orchestra, and then the art studio. When the car insurance company asked me if I could come get a rental car, I about lost my mind. And it was at that precise moment that I realized that now, with a vomiting child, there was no way I was getting out of the house to get that coffee.

coffeeI could have felt really sorry for myself, except my friends are too awesome to let me do that. Via phone, via text message, via Facebook—they were all coming to the rescue. Two coffee deliveries. One play date to whisk away my not-sick child. One delivery of pumpkin muffins. One friend dealing with logistical details that saved me from Zahra crying again… Many more offers for help that I could graciously decline because I was ok!

I was more than ok. Because it was also this afternoon, while my sick girls were watching a movie, that I pulled together the final advertisements for our new homeschool co-op. Every time I work on something related to the co-op, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling of community. And I was feeling it on a personal level today, too. The power of community really is something—and it’s something I want my kids to not only experience on the receiving end but to also build and to be a part of contributing to someone else’s amazing experience of community. This is the foundation of the co-op.

So happy was I that I agreed to play the food matching game (for the 100th time in a row) and also charades, which normally is my least favourite game (but Leila’s Tyrannosaurus Rex in pink footed pyjamas just changed my whole perspective…).

pink dinosaur