paragraphThis is a picture of Noah, late morning, writing a paragraph in French. I should be happy that he’s working. Instead, I’m frustrated. Writing one paragraph in French was one thing I wanted him to get done today. He somehow managed to work on it all morning and part of the afternoon…and still not get it done. I don’t understand that. I was on top of things today. I was watching. His pencil was sharpened, his notebook was ready. I was 100% available to him for any help. When he tried to go looking for a stick or a Lego or something else, I told him that wasn’t an option until he got his work done. And yet, I’m staring in disbelief right now at an open notebook on the living room floor with an incomplete paragraph.

I don’t know how that boy manages to whittle away an entire morning and not write a paragraph.

He did do farm chores. And he went to school for an hour.

That’s right!!! All three kids went to school today to participate in Décibel Science, which they’ll do once a week for the next 10 weeks. Science and French—not to mention a free hour for myself—what’s not to love? I went home and wasted time on Facebook, ate lunch in silence (glorious silence!) and mulled over my essential oils order. In some ways, that could have been more productive; then again, perhaps it was super productive. Anyway, when I met up with them in the school yard afterwards, they told me what they had learned about aerodynamics and demonstrated their new and improved paper airplanes. Cool stuff.

It was such a gorgeous day that we couldn’t leave. We played for a while on the playground and watched a group of kids come out for gym class. Then we went home and read a chapter from our world history book. It was about ancient China, so we followed it up with a YouTube video on a day in the life of a rice farmer to see more about how rice is planted and harvested.

By then, school was done for our school friends, and Jill came by with Elise, Chloe and Gabriel. Just as they were leaving, Karen and her kids were arriving. After dinner, they followed us to the farm for another evening of farm chores. We’re expecting our responsibilities to be done any day now, so it’s always with bated breath that we arrive at the farm—and yes, we got one more night! We fed all the animals, walked the goats and calf, and finally weighed the piglets. One of them—the runt—has put on weight since yesterday (the other two stayed the same), so that was good news.

Noah had soccer tonight, so I guess that paragraph will be waiting for him tomorrow…