Even though this afternoon’s pie social was so much fun, the highlight of the day was definitely this:


That’s Noah writing a story. Yep. Unprompted, entirely of his own volition. Three points for guessing what it was about.

The whole story was about three run-on sentences long, phonetically written. My boy wrote his first story! In French!! And he wants to write another one tomorrow!!! My cup runneth over.

And since I’m mentioning that cup, today was yet another day where I’m feeling so incredibly blessed with friends. Not just any friends, but the awesomest friends a woman could ever want. Friends whose children are just as awesome as they are.

We had lots of fun this afternoon. And lots of pie. Lots and lots of pie. My stomach hurts. I tried to rope the kids and grown-ups alike into some backyard games (bean bag toss and giant Scrabble), but no one was having it. Oh, well. Pie social and free-for-all go well together. Here are some pictures:




































Seven pies, seventeen kids, and beautiful weather. What more could you ask for?