Today, we spent time in our three favourite places:


  1. The woods. This is some hole they’ve been digging for days; and in this clay soil full of rocks and roots, that takes impressive perseverance. Team work, check. Gym class, check. I asked them if they were hoping to reach China. I got puzzled looks and a sarcastic, “We can’t dig through Earth’s core to the other side of the world.” Sometimes it’s really annoying to have smart kids.
  2. The library. Our little local library is a nice place to spend an hour or to do puzzles on a rainy day, but Montreal’s Bibliothèque nationale is a cavernous, architectural delight we could lose ourselves in for an entire day. I remember my mom taking me to the nearest big city library from time to time and what an impression it made on me. I love that my own kids’ faces fill with delight when we walk into the entrance. Today, we picked up some Babar books since we’ll be going to see a symphony orchestra performance based on this series in November.IMG_5854
  3. Rock climbing centre. Last week, I passed my accreditation test at Horizon Roc, and so this week, I was able to belay the kids. I belayed Leila while Noah and Zahra were in their classes. When Noah was finished, I belayed him until Zahra finished, at which point we were all climbing together. Well, we did some bouldering together, but mostly I was belaying a child. For nearly three hours. My hands hurt! We had so much fun, though. Next week, Saïd is taking a class for accreditation, so soon we should all be able to climb together. Here’s a picture of Leila bouldering. (When I was belaying her, of course, I couldn’t take pictures.)IMG_5856