I love a good road trip. That’s why I had no problem waking up at 5:30 this morning, throwing the final bags in the car and letting the kids pick the music. We said goodbye to Saïd (about fourteen dozen times) and set off on what could only be an adventure.

At 6:15am, the minivan peeled out of the driveway (ok, fine, slowly backed out) and we headed west. Right around the border, who would have guessed it, but we found ourselves in a snowstorm. Yep. I was not impressed. But we pressed on. We stopped for a quick lunch and made it to Buffalo shortly after.snowstorm

Our first stop was the Buffalo Museum of Science, where many of the exhibits fell perfectly in line with what we had been studying this year: the water cycle, insects, and alternative energies. There was also an entire hall dedicated to the human body, which we said that Cindy would have loved.

buffalo water cycleIMG_7489bug works exhibitbuffalo human body
















One of our favourite parts was the weather section. We stood underneath “tornado and hurricane winds”. We built buildings out of blocks and then subjected them to earthquakes of varying degree to see what would stand and what would fall. We built a wind turbine. And so much more.

buffalo hurricaneearthquakewind power














racing carscarbon buildingIMG_7494IMG_7493buffalo science





















We left the museum at 3:30 so we could get out of the city before rush hour and made our way to our hotel. The kids swam in the—freezing cold—pool before we went out for dinner, a four-course affair because, even though we had barely eaten (no appetite sitting in the car all day), we were suddenly ravenous.

swimming hotel

Back to the hotel, pyjamas and we’re ready for bed! All of us. Back on the road again tomorrow morning.