Our day at the Nook started with a new activity: Music & Movement with Kimberley! On this cold, drizzly morning, spirits were high as we sang and danced, played the trumpet (with special guest Andrew Cabana!) and even formed a marching band. I loved having musicians come into the Nook. Between music, art, science, knitting, book club, creative writing, sports and more, I feel like we’re offering a very rich program to Nook participants.

trumpet andrew cabanamovementmarching band














birdwatchingSpeaking of that “and more”, birdwatching is quickly becoming one of our most popular activities. Despite today’s terrible weather, 29 people came out for birdwatching! We walked down the bike path bordered by a forested area. Ryan helped us identify a few plants, including wild carrot, and trees. He passed around a deer antler while explaining how deers lose their antlers  and the kids hypothesized about why.

We came back to the Nook for lunch, followed by story time and book club. I was busy with story time and then talking to an artist who might be sharing her skills at the Nook in the future—but Zahra said she really enjoyed book club. They drew pictures of part of the book they’re reading, The City of Ember.

knitted bunnyThe kids then got busy with their own activities: playing games, crafting props for the drama club’s upcoming play. Zahra finished her bunny knitting project, which will be a perfect gift for her baby cousin who she will see in a few weeks.

painting propsplaying games









We made our way home, where the kids decided to build a fort out of couch cushions and I escaped to my room to write this blog article before dinner. Then, I’m off to a knitting circle with friends.

Yeah, I know, I don’t knit…but that’s not really the point.