creepy statuesLast day of camp today! With eight kids, we did some activities that were more suited for smaller groups. We started by playing Creepy Statues. This is a game my kids learned in Anjali’s drama class at the Nook. I knew they would love to play it with this group. We played several rounds before moving to the kitchen for a cooking activity.



meringue 3What can you cook with eggs? The kids came up with many ideas before we got to work whipping up some meringues. There are only a few ingredients. It’s a recipe that’s quickly put together but it takes a long time to bake. We put them in the oven, took a snack break, and then headed outside for Luba’s latest and greatest challenge.









obstacle course




























paper makingI had figured today would be an inside day (thunderstorms predicted), but the weather held out for us, so Luba did an impromptu paper-making activity with the group. Then, we headed inside to get started on a bigger project: creating a short stop motion animation. Each kid came up with one character (made of Legos or Scupley, a stuffed animal or other figurine), and then, in two groups of four, they had to come up with a story that incorporated the characters.

We paused for lunch before going back to the filming part of the project. I brought around the meringues—which were finally ready—and checked in on the groups. It was a real test in cooperation! The youngest ones were losing interest, and so I brought out the board games. We played Connect 4 and Twister. When the older ones finished, they joined us, and we brought out Brain Quest and card games.

playing cards















Luba wrapped up the day and the week with face painting! They started off as cute cats and butterflies and princesses…and then morphed to an entire band of zombies which, honestly, was quite frightening.

face paintingface painting 2









Some final cuddling of the chickens before pick-up and day camp is done. I can’t believe it! I have to say, it was a really fun and rewarding experience. Zahra and I are already brainstorming what theme we could do next year.