“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” —Charles Dickens

These are the days when we are torn between spending the whole day outside or coming in to wrap ourselves in quilts on the couch and read books. We’re straddling two realms, unsure of whether we should hit the park or the used book store. We ditch the coats; but when we come inside, our ears, noses and fingers are pink and stinging with cold. The mud room is covered in, well, mud.

March daysChicken chores and pretend play in the forest, followed by a snack of tea and lemon blueberry bread and then time to get down to business: such is the flow of March days.  The kids worked hard today. They were really focused. Zahra worked on identifying and correcting run-on sentences, which is a fault I’ve noticed in the letters she writes. She worked on sentence types and did a cross-numbers puzzle. She’s almost halfway through the Grade 4 book now. Noah came up with some rhyming words in French and unscrambled words to make sentences.

fine motor skillsZahra practised the piano and Noah worked on numbers in French up to 120. Meanwhile, Leila was writing o‘s and making an owl out of clay. She also did a good amount of scissor work. Those tiny hands possess excellent fine motor skills.

lire l'heureAfter lunch, we dropped Zahra off at her last art class of the session. She made a fairy home out of oven-bake clay and learned a quick and easy method for making flowers.

I took Noah and Leila to Starbucks where I taught Noah how to tell time with an Usborne book we have, Lire l’heure. Then after we picked up Zahra, we decided to hit the park after all.

flowerWe got home about ten minutes after the school bus had passed, and Noah jumped out of the car to ride bikes with the neighbour boy. Zahra wanted to teach me and Leila her new flower-making technique, and so the girls brought out the clay and made little fairy homes.

Our read-aloud book is Dr. Dolittle and the kids are hooked. I remember watching this as a kid, an old movie from 1967 with Rex Harrison. I have to find that version to show my kids! It’s not on Netflix or iTunes. Anyone know where I could find it?