Saïd worked from home today, and so he kept Leila with him. She had woken up at 5:00am and not gone back to sleep, not to mention she’s a wild card at the best of times these days. Ugh. At noon, I answered a call from Saïd. He said, “How many chicks are we supposed to have?” The chicks are getting bigger and can fly out of their box. We put a screen on top, but sometimes that screen gets removed (and not replaced) by little hands.

While Leila walked around the house with a handheld GPS (tracking herself, I guess), played with her new horse barn, took a nap, gardened with Daddy and watched TV, we were at the Nook. It was a different experience having only the older two! And despite the iffy weather, the day seemed to fly by with all the great activities.

chess clubFirst, there was Chess Club. Even though this is the last week we’ll have Frank to teach the kids, we plan on keeping Chess Club alive. It’s really a great learning experience for kids of all ages, and they all seem to gravitate to it. Just tonight, as I was tucking Leila into bed, she showed me a button on the GPS that “moves in all directions, just like the Queen of Chess.”

For the next hour, most of the kids were involved in drama games with Anjali. They played one of my favourites: the one where you don’t know who you are, but your name is stuck to your forward and you have to guess based on how people interact with you. I was about to ask if I could play when Phil asked if we’d like to see our new space—complete with a huge bonus room and three bathrooms! It was squeal-worthy exciting.

drama games

necklaceMeanwhile, Cindy was making shell necklaces with the kids, taking a break only for lunch before jumping into anatomy. This week, the kids learned about the skeleton. First, there was this song about the bones in our bodies (listen to it!!). Then, using X-rays laid out on the table, they labeled the different bones before playing a game of Skeleton Says (raise your tibia). Never a dull moment!


skeleton says skeleton








After stretching our minds all morning, it was time to stretch our bodies! We ended our day with yoga and soccer. I say we…I mean the kids. The physical activity part of the day is really something I should participate in more than I take photos of it. I’ll add it to our 2016 Goal Board.










On the way back from soccer, I decided to take a peak in the birdhouse and, lo and behold, there were baby birds!!! I guess I didn’t expect them to be so tiny! We quickly lifted up each kid to take look. An exciting and inspiring end to our day!

baby tree swallows