Monday mornings are our first glimpse of our SQUILT selection for the week. I often have the piece playing in the background as the kids come down for breakfast. I tell them the name of the composition and the composer but not much more than that. Monday mornings are just for listening.

This week’s composition is Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”. It’s a favourite of mine, and Noah gave it his ultimate seal of approval when he said he likes it more than Star Wars music. It certainly woke us up, and after we had finished our breakfast and Noah had got a fire going, we were ready to work.

kangarooEach kid had two tasks this morning. Leila practised writing k‘s and then made a k out of clay. I helped her make a kangaroo (complete with removable joey!) out of clay, as well. While Leila matched her clay letters and objects, Noah read me a Ben entreprend book. He takes great pleasure in pronouncing Ben’s name with the French blended sound “en”—throws himself into a fit of giggles every time. Whatever it takes to get him through the book. The books in this series are great little stories, easy to read and reasonably interesting, and they have questions at the end that not only cover reading comprehension but also ask the reader for his or her opinion on certain story elements. We’ve only got four of them, but I hope to find more at the library.

logic problemZahra wrote a letter to her aunt Louisa and then worked on a cross-numbers puzzle. While helping me get lunch on the table, she found my book of logic problems. I used to love these as a kid, and my mom would buy me logic problem magazines at the grocery store. As an adult, I haven’t been very successful in finding them; but one afternoon, I did find one book of logic problems at Chapters. I do them in my spare time, while making dinner, etc. Zahra was really interested in them, so I got her started on one. It was fun to see how excited she got as she combed the clues for more and more information—and she got her first one right! Looks like there may be another logic problem addict in the family.

After lunch, we went to Zahra’s art class. Today, we were able to bring her first canvas home. I’m so proud of the work she’s doing and will post a picture once I get the canvas stretched. She loves art and is already asking to sign up for another class.

After art, we got back on the highway and drove west to visit my friend Malak and her kids. I had only planned to stay an hour or so, but good friends and good conversation will always rope me in; and before I knew it, it was dark and the kids’ bedtime! Malak and I were treated to a very interesting show by the kids before we headed home.