After skiing and an early night, Noah and Leila popped out of bed at 7:00am, and Zahra wasn’t too far behind them. I told them we were going to have a visitor today, our friend Mayali.

“Why is she coming?” asked Noah.

“Because she’s heard lots about us homeschooling this year and she wants to come see what we do.” I replied.

Long pause. “I’m just going to do my reading practise now,” said Noah.

We did it at the breakfast table, but I wondered if he was feeling self-conscious about his reading, if it would embarrass him to read in front of someone else. That question was quickly answered when, with Mayali sitting beside him, Noah asked me if he could read some really short stories at the end of his reading book. And after he had worked his way through one, with Mayali’s help, he did another. It was the opposite: I think he was eager to show off his skills, and he wanted to squeeze in one more practise before Mayali came.

Zahra, meanwhile, finished a cross-numbers puzzle. Leila made an ‘i’ and, with my help, an igloo out of clay. Then, we moved on to SQUILT before clearing the table for a couple land/water/air activities. Just then, the doorbell rang, and our second visitor of the day, baby Thomas arrived just in time for fun with sand and water.

isthmus land formationisland land formationI used some materials from an old Montessori By Mom subscription box: cards to classify (by whether the object belonged in water, on land or in the air) and land and water formation sandpaper cards. Leila classified the cards, then we combined our efforts to name all the objects/animals/vehicles in French. The last activity that we got to before lunch was to make our own land formations out of sand and then pour water around them. Leila made an isthmus, Noah made an island, and Zahra made an archipelago.

landI had planned on working with them to find real examples of these land and water forms on our world map, but the baby was cranky and lunch hour fell upon us, so we wrapped it up. After lunch, while Mayali and I sipped our tea and kept the baby busy with measuring cups and spoons, I coaxed Zahra to write a letter to her aunt. She still blocks at what to write about, but Mayali gave her lots of funny ideas.

Mayali left, and the baby was picked up soon afterwards, so I kicked the kids outside to play with the chickens and made a soup.