Today I did something that I’ve tried—unsuccessfully—several times over the years. I always say that I’m just not good at art or handicrafts. I’m clumsy with stitches and I have a hard time “seeing” what I’m supposed to do. Someone tries to show me, and I stare at them blankly before doing the opposite. I get a book on the subject (because books I feel comfortable with) and all the supplies, and then I read the first sentence and think, what?!?

Zahra loves all this stuff. She gravitates to people with these talents. When a knowledgeable friend does show her how to knit or crochet, she listens eagerly, dives in and keeps going…until she makes a mistake. A mistake that I can’t help her with, and so the project gets stuck in a drawer. Next time, I say.

So I was more than thrilled when a friend of mine invited us over for a knitting club that will meet on a regular basis: herself (an expert knitter), another friend (who teaches knitting at a local library), myself and all our kids. Zahra was so excited this morning. She gathered her knitting supplies, and we made a quick stop at Michael’s so I could get some knitting needles for myself. Gotta keep myself busy, right?

knitAnd so while Zahra worked away at a scarf for her stuffed dog, I got a lesson from the best. Besides learning the basic stitch and practising enough rows of it to be able to continue by myself at home, it occurred to me that I shouldn’t immediately discount my ability to knit. What I should say is that for such things, I’m not a quick learner. I’ll have to practise…a lot…and I may never be a quick knitter or advance to any astonishing patterns, but how absurd to say that I’m just not good at knitting and I can’t do it. I’m limiting myself and showing a bad example for the kids. My knitting for today was quite modest, but I’ll keep going.

So we both left knitting club feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

sled dogsHome for lunch, to pick up Noah and Leila (who had stayed home with Saïd this morning but who will join us for knitting in the future), and then on to Jill’s house, where the kids played at being a team of sled dogs before running out any remaining energy on the trampoline and rock climbing wall. Zahra was excited to show her knitting to Jill, who is a very talented knitter. It was a sloooooooooow walk home, and they inhaled their dinner.

Tonight, Noah read another Ben entreprend book to me before bed.