Quote of the day

Me: Where’s Noah?

Zahra: Over there in that group of boys talking about private parts.

Oh, how I laughed. Partly because it’s kinda funny. Partly because of the annoyed-big-sister way in which Zahra said it, as she rolled her eyes. Mostly because it had been a really, really long day and I needed to laugh at something.

It started out well enough…or maybe not. Breakfast time is hazy in my memory.  I might be blocking things out. We’re really wrapping things up now, school wise, for this first half of our year. I hope to keep the kids in a routine of a bit of reading practice and numbers in French (for Noah) and a cross-numbers puzzle (for Zahra) into next week, with cutting activities and the auto-correcting logic puzzles for Leila.

IMG_6286 IMG_6287








So after we checked those things off our list this morning, I suggested we work our way through some of the kits they had received for birthday presents. Noah made a beeline for a cable car kit he had received from friends. After searching Saïd’s work space for batteries and a screwdriver, he got to work. We learned a bit about wiring and pulleys, and the cable car worked like a dream. It was really fun and a very satisfying morning project.


















When Noah pulled out another kit (a medieval launcher), Zahra took out her sketch book and started drawing an owl. We stopped for lunch, and to let glue dry, and then dumped out our latest envelope from Little Passports. This month, the country was Turkey—and Noah was happy to rediscover the Trojan Horse. We played a couple rounds of Turkey Memory.


Sounds good. But throughout all of this, there was a lot of bickering, a lot of yelling (me included), pencils stolen, and various other unpleasant things. It seemed like I was putting out one fire after another, and everyone was miserable. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out why we were all so on edge, why the mood had become so negative.








So we put on our coats and shoes. A run to the post office, and then to a huge park that just opened in Notre-Dame-de-l’Ile-Perrot. We all needed to breathe fresh air. It’s always the solution.

They climbed structures, swung on swings, ran up and down hills and ended up—my little monkeys—in a tree. At this great, new park, the kids smiled and laughed and played well together. Noah, delighted, found a pack of boys he knew (his former classmates)—and thus ensued the infamous conversation about “private parts”. All in boy fun, I suppose. They do outgrow that at some point, right?

Kids had fun. Mommy breathed. Had some nice adult conversation with a friend. Peace restored.