I forced kids to stop writing last night and go to bed, and what were they doing first thing this morning after breakfast? Writing. Joy.

We eventually got ourselves dressed and took a walk down the gravel road to see Jill. Here’s a picture of my boy laying in the sand under the swings, reading. Love.


The kids spent most of the afternoon in the woods, building their ‘Kingdom of Light’. They constructed a bridge through the swampy part and devised a “plumbing system” to transport water from one area to another. They even managed to rig up a real tire swing. Happiness.


Until Leila decided to go swimming. The girl was literally up to her waist in mucky water…the waist of her beautiful spring dress. White sweater. Sparkly boots drudging through the mud. I have a very high tolerance for dirtiness, but this was just over the top. I called for her to get out. She smiled and walked farther in, well aware that I couldn’t actually get her. Let’s just say that didn’t end well.

Later, Zahra had an osteopath appointment, so I took her and Owen with me while Heather held down the fort with the four younger kids. Zahra and Owen giggled the entire time about images they had seen in a Guiness Book of World Records. Apparently, at home, the kids were reciting the months of the year and the numbers from 0 to 100 in French. So…maybe I should have left all the kids with Heather and went to the osteopath myself!