At 8:30 this morning, I was still eating breakfast alone. Remember when I wrote that I’d been playing a piece of classical music at breakfast in the morning, as per our SQUILT curriculum? Since my coffee was done and my sleepyheads were still in bed, I decided to switch it up a bit: La Dame de Haute-Savoie , “Jeunes filles de la campagne” (Beausoleil), and finally, Oublie Loulou, which brought Leila (of course) to the top of the stairs. I like old French music. Don’t judge me.

IMG_5602After breakfast, we rode our bikes to the library for story time. The librarian read ONE book and then they did a craft. I was a bit disappointed. Story time needs to be at least three books. Since it’s for 3- to 5-year-olds, Zahra and Noah worked on other things, and then we got back on our bikes to head to Quinn Farm for apple picking.IMG_5596

When we got home, three dead moles later (seriously, what’s with all the dead rodents on the bike path to the farm?!?), Leila took a nap, and the older two headed to the backyard for a secret club meeting in the treehouse. I was more than happy to reheat a cup of coffee and read my book (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin) on the couch. After an hour and a half, still no word from Zahra and Noah, but Leila woke up and wasn’t keen on going outside right away, so we got started on a couple apple pies and apple slices for the dehydrator. About halfway through, she abandoned me, and I didn’t hear another word from the kids until 5:30. IMG_5611

I slipped out into the backyard furtively a couple times, but I was afraid to break up the party and end up with all three of them on top of me, so I mostly let them be. When I finally did go to give them a ten-minute pre-dinner warning, I found out that they were pretending to be Iroquois. “Only three members of our tribe are visible to you, Mom, but there are many others,” Zahra told me spookily. They decorated flower baskets, did some metal work, and built a shelter.













Dinner, showers, and a chapter of Heidi later, all’s well that ends well—and tomorrow, it’s the weekend!