Today, we visited the Insectarium. In addition to being a fun outing with friends who we don’t see nearly enough, it was a great field trip to complement the study of insects that we recently started. I asked the kids to each select one insect or arachnid that we would study in more detail. Here are some pictures from our day:



Zahra chose a tarantula. The mom of one of her best friends is an entomologist, and they have a pet tarantula. I see a fabulous learning opportunity there…




Noah chose a helicopter damselfly for its ability to scoop spiders out of webs without getting caught itself.





Leila chose a multicoloured butterfly from Brazil. Her choice seemed to be a rash decision to get me to stop asking her if she had made a choice.





We also got to handle a walking stick. It turns out these bugs can make good pets. They’re easy to care for, and while this particular species is exotic, there are native species that are easier to obtain. The only downside is that they only live for 6 to 8 months. Could be an advantage, actually.





Finally, we took a walk through the Botanical Garden greenhouses for a blast of the tropics in January.