My boy is always the first one awake. I don’t know what time he wakes up in the morning because he has (finally!!) learned not to wake us up. But the minute my feet hit the floor, he can sense it—and there he is, ready and raring to go.

It worked well this morning, because I needed an errand-running partner. Before anyone else was awake, we slipped out the door to feed our fish at Quinn Farm and pick up a few things at the grocery store. When we got back, I set Noah to work on reviewing his spelling words and then making a list of 16 numbers—any numbers he wanted, as long as they were greater than 250.

After that, the day flew by. We played a lot of math games. I love how quickly they catch on when it’s a game and how eager they are to strengthen their skills in order to get an edge. Zahra flew through her work and, when she realized that if she worked ahead, I would not invent more work for her to do, she kept working. She’s hoping to get her baby hedgehog this weekend and wants to free up her week so she’ll have plenty of time to play with it. Bonding time.

We had lunch with Jill and her kiddos and got to hear more about Elise’s first couple days of Grade 1. Later, it was Noah’s turn to be the teacher. He has started giving the neighbour kids piano and djembe lessons, so I see lots of really loud afternoons ahead of us.

The most exciting part of our day was yet to come. Saïd worked from home today, so Zahra and I scooted out the door a little after 3:00 to join Susan, a local mycologist who sells mushrooms at the market one town over. All I can says is, wow!! Should we do mushrooms as a year-long study? So many beautiful varieties, so tasty—and forest foraging is just plain fun.

With a group of about ten people, we spread out around a forest in Hudson, on the hunt for mushrooms. Every time we found a mushroom, Zahra would run it over to Susan to verify if it was edible or toxic or something in between (not toxic but not yummy). Funny enough, Susan said we were on the lookout for a few varieties of mushroom, including hedgehog mushrooms and chicken-in-the-forest mushrooms. So, yeah…this was meant to be.