planetarium gameLet’s just start with the highlight of my day: After our first show at the planetarium this afternoon, there was an activity led by a member of their staff. He laid out cards of the eight planets. Kids from the audience (which consisted of my kids, Kristin’s kids and Cindy’s kids) took turns picking an object from a box and, as a group, decided with which planet it matched. Earth, for example, got the water bottle. Venus got the oven. Uranus got the plastic poop (but maybe not for the reason you’re imagining). Eight objects, eight planets. When the kids were done, the animator looked at us and said, “That’s the first time a group has gotten them all right.”

Leave it to the homeschoolers. These kids seriously rock.

The planetarium was actually our second tour of the day. The first was the Biodome. It had been a long time since we’d been. I tried to get Zahra to take the activity guide along and answer the questions as we made our way through, but no luck. I kept the guide, anyway, and will quiz them tomorrow to see how much they remember.

biodomeplanetarium 4








jedi gamesWhile the rest of us walked through the Biodome, commenting on the animals, looking around as can be expected, the boys (Noah and Jordan) used the Biodome as the perfect backdrop to playing Star Wars. I thought this was the funniest thing and kept trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. This game required all of their attention! We got them to move along by telling them that the planetarium would be an even better place to play Star Wars.

planetarium 3


pear treeAfter two planetarium shows (Vertiges was weird; Tempo was interesting), we found ourselves on the east side of the city at 4:30. Kristin decided to brave the traffic and head home. Cindy and I took the kids out for dinner and made a quick stop at the downtown library. When we finally got home, Saïd was waiting for us. The kids told them about their day as they got their pyjamas on and brushed their teeth. Noah and Leila fell asleep within minutes, but Zahra’s still awake. Spinning wool.