Today was the first day of snow!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I can put enough exclamation points after that statement. So magical. Noah and Leila rushed downstairs to take in the view from the sliding glass door.



Zahra stumbled down the stairs and declared, “I hate the government.”

She has this way of immersing herself so completely in a book that she thinks she can talk to the rest of us as if we’re part of that world and we know who or what she’s talking about. She’ll often tell me stories about “people” who turn out to be book characters. And so, the government that she hates is the government in the book she’s reading. That government is trying to kill all the silver owls. In the world that Zahra is currently living in.

IMG_6142Anyway, after a quick breakfast, the kids put on all their winter gear and went outside to play. All it takes is one inch of snow for us to declare it a snow day. They stayed outside for two hours, long enough for me to miss them and plan a special activity. When they came back inside, they had tea and granola bars, and I surprised them with dough to make cut-out cookies. I played our SQUILT selection in the background as they got to work making the icing. Noah read the list of ingredients one by one. Leila selected and handed each ingredient to Zahra who had to measure it out and add it to the bowl. I purposefully gave her the wrong measuring spoons so she would have to add and divide fractions.


















After we finished the icing, Jill and her kids popped in for a visit and helped us to make the sugar cookies. Making this big of a mess is always fun.


We used every cookie cutter we had, so we ended up with a mix of Halloween and Christmas cookies, as well as the random Eiffel Tower, hand, car and train.

As for this afternoon, I’m not really sure what my kids did because my friend Nadine kept all three of them all afternoon. I know they managed to scoop up enough snow to sled down the deck steps, and that Leila and Noah were back helping in the kitchen at some point. As for me, I browsed. I had forgotten what it was like to go into a store with no purpose except to look leisurely at the merchandise spread before me. I sipped a coffee. I ate candy. And I didn’t share anything with anyone.

When we got home, Saïd had made dinner and started a fire, so naturally, the kids wanted to camp out in the living room. After one chapter of Stuart Little, they quickly fell asleep.