These lovely children went on a morning-long hike this morning with Jill. She’s a brave woman to take six children hiking as far into the forest as she did. She’s also a lucky one—they all carried their own weight all the way back home.

While they were crashing through the woods, I was crashing through Vaudreuil, checking off one errand after another: sign papers at the auto repair place, get supplies for book club at Michael’s, grab some food at the grocery store. It felt good to get all that done. It felt even better that my kids were enjoying the great outdoors and getting lots of exercise with our friends.

There’s a lot of hiking going on lately. Hiking is about setting a far-off goal and knowing you’re going to get there. Hiking is about pushing yourself a little further than you would normally go. Hiking is about following a path you traced and yet knowing there will be twists and turns and you’ll just have to deal with those when you get there. It’s about the excitement of hitting the trail. It’s about endurance and setting a pace you can maintain. You should never go hiking alone. You should always go with a buddy…or 70.

The plans for the Nook Homeschoolers’ Centre just keep getting more exciting. Have we hit a twist or turn yet? A couple. But now that the initial registration frenzy has died down, it’s all about ironing out the details, putting the correct structures in place, maintaining a high level of organization—and revelling in the fact that we shot high and made it!