Wrapping up the week today, we engaged in a few “group work” activities. As I was finishing the breakfast dishes, Zahra organized her brother and sister into a sort of band. Each had to make a sound and repeat it, another one joining in after a couple measures, until all three were making a concert of noises. Eventually I joined in on the fun. This was an exercise I remembered doing as part of a theatre class when I was in middle school.

Afterwards, we gathered around the table. There was some reading practice, some letter writing, some math. Then, our friend Dunia came over for lunch and shelter-building in the forest. It was a beautiful, mild, sunny day. As the kids ran around in the snow, I filled more cartons for our ice block activity and cleaned the chicken coop.

When Dunia left, we packed up and went to Kimberley’s house for piano lessons. We stayed for dinner, and the kids hashed out a few more ideas for the play. Zahra handed over the torch to Kieran, who is going to now put his spin on the story.