IMG_6179We had a short morning, but we managed to get reading practice and math in. I kept Leila busy by making her my administrative assistant. Then we packed up a lunch to eat in the car and headed to our friend Deborah’s house. She lives just over the border in Ontario on a small farm, and we are always happy to spend time with her and her animals. Today was a little bittersweet, though, because we were taking one of our chickens with us and leaving him there.

IMG_6186Him. Yep. Our chicken Laser hatched three babies last summer, and the only one to survive the fox attack is Lavender, a blue splash Ameraucana. We kept him for as long as we could, but when he started crowing this week, we knew it was time to re-home him. Luckily, Deborah said she would take him. She’s an animal lover, very knowledgeable about chickens, and has a cozy barn where he will live happily. Even better, she’s our friend, and so we know we can go back and visit Lavender whenever we want.


The drop-off did not go flawlessly, however. It was raining. And when Deborah put a hen in with Lavender to keep him company, he attacked her and we had to take the hen out. Very unusual behaviour from our mild-mannered rooster who doesn’t even stand up to his own hens at home. So we left him, standing grumpily in a coop, all alone. Thank God he was with Deborah, though. Anyone else and my kids would not have left.

They were distracted, too, by the fact that we were heading home to get ready for a birthday party. Our friend Chloé turned three years old today, and we celebrated with her with great games, food and conversation. A very warm, wonderful birthday party, and the perfect way to end our week.