We ran through our usuals today: reading, writing, math. Leila is more keen on practising her penmanship than Noah is, but I’m sneaking it in when I can (making him title his music appreciation drawings, for example).


While I made lunch, the girls got to work on a paper-making project. This was a first run at it. Zahra already has plans to incorporate the flowers she pressed months ago in a second attempt. Tomorrow, she’ll be able to use the paper she made and bind a small notebook.

After lunch, we went to a friend’s house. Some of the kids worked on a goal-setting exercise, where they listed their goals for 2016 and made a poster board to keep track of them. My kids seemed overwhelmed by this and stuck with their initial plan to work on their lapbooks. Lapbooks are little handmade books that kids can put together using pre-printed materials on a given subject. Zahra is making one on birds of prey. Leila’s has the theme of the book The Mitten. Noah is making one on Vikings.


But I really do think the exercise of setting goals is a good one, and so I’m going to think about it some more. Maybe the kids and I could start with a modest project of coming up with a list of collective goals for the rest of the school year. After brainstorming, we could write them on a nice piece of poster board and decorate it, hang it in the Work Room. I’m sure the things the kids would come up with would give me some invaluable insight into how they’re living this experience!


Have a good weekend, everyone (and keep saving your milk cartons for me! 🙂 ).