All of my kids should be getting into bed now, but only one is, fast asleep. The other two are crafting.

Noah just bounded downstairs: “When you go into my room, it’s crazy.”

“I can agree with that.”

“There are projects EVERYWHERE. And you’re just itching to finish them. It’s the room of a genius!”

Well, he’s not lacking in self-esteem. And I love to see that project-based enthusiasm in him. We’re connecting. This afternoon, he got a book on advanced paper airplane crafting. He literally grabbed it out of my hands and disappeared into his room.

The book was from my friend Ginette. After lunch today, we biked to her house (omg, do I even need to go into what an absolutely PERFECT fall day it was today? If you didn’t bike or hike or roll around in the grass today, you missed out.). Last week when we had stopped by Ginette’s house to buy some stitch markers that her daughter makes (you should check out Marie-Pier’s page here), Ginette offered to take Zahra under her wing for an afternoon to guide her through a needle-felting project. And that day was today!

Noah and I left Zahra with Ginette and biked home together. We talked about his upcoming birthday. As he clunked through the streets on a bike whose brakes apply themselves to the tires sporadically and for no reason, I noted that his enthusiasm for going long distances would likely depend on a new set of wheels. Noah said he’d like a “really nice drawing book”. I said maybe he would like a nice sketch pad and coloured pencils to go along with that, but he shook his head and said there was so much scrap paper in the junk drawer at home that he’d be just fine. More scraps of paper to add to the room of the genius, right?

hedgehogThe kids had all worked well in the morning, so when we got home from our bike ride, Noah and Leila made for the woods while I made a lentil soup for dinner. When I picked up Zahra, she was beaming. She had needle-felted a hedgehog, of course. The cutest thing ever. All the way to her violin lesson, she chattered about needle-felting techniques and requirements, the tools of the trade, and how much she loves Ginette. We were both feeling very blessed to have Ginette’s genius in our lives.

The afternoon was filled with music: Zahra’s violin lesson followed by Leila’s friend Zoe coming over for a piano lesson. And because that lentil stew was already simmering on the stove, I got to devote some time myself to playing while the kids ran around outside with the chickens.

After we took Zoe home, the girls and I took two packages to the post office: Zahra mailed off two bag orders! Her little business is doing so well, thanks to the support of friends and family. She has more than a dozen sandwich bags to make and a custom order for mittens! She’s carefully noting her expenses and the time it takes her to make each bag, collecting all kinds of entrepreneurial knowledge along the way. She loves to share her successes and interact with her customers on her business’ Facebook page. I love to hear the hum of her sewing machine and watch her dash upstairs with a scrap of fabric to steam the wrinkles out of.

genius“Check out this smooth landing, Mom,” Noah says as he sends another paper airplane down the stairs. And then, fifteen minutes later, he appears with two more planes. “Which one of these would win in a battle, Mom?” There’s the bigger one with more heavy artillery and better defence mechanisms and the littler one, more agile and with a smarter design.

“I think the little guy will win,” I tell him.