I love Mondays. I just do. A new week ahead of us, a fresh start and tons of time to accomplish great things. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I had a really cool craft project to start us off this morning. Having just gone apple picking last week, and with the falling temperatures, we had been talking a lot about fall. So this morning, I suggested we make fall trees.


We painted, we used scissors, we brought out a new paper puncher. I even sneakily played our SQUILT selection for the week in the background while we were doing this. I love the way the craft turned out, but it did take a long time; and the kids started to lose interest by the end. Noah, because he’s Noah, wanted to do things differently; so not only do we have two fall trees, we also have a winter tree.



I sort of lost the kids at the end. We had a visitor, and then cranky Leila needed a nap after her late night last night watching the lunar eclipse. We ate lunch. But Noah came back, asking to do math, so we worked with some sandpaper numbers. I asked him to write out the numerals from 40 to 50, four times each. He prints numbers and letters in such strange ways—he starts the strokes at odd places. I’m not sure what to do about that, if I should just let it work itself out or if I should make him get into the habit of writing them the typical way.

I gave him a few addition problems, which he zipped through on his own while I was helping Zahra practice for her voice lesson on Thursday; and then he pulled out some miscellaneous worksheets with subtraction problems on them. When I saw he had them out, I started to say, “No, Noah, you don’t know how to do subtraction yet,” but as I looked over his shoulder, he had already done half the problems. Correctly. Without drawing out objects and crossing them out, as Zahra had learned at school, but just in his head. That, folks, was the highlight of my day.

IMG_5655When Zahra moved on to piano practice, Noah and I did a bit of reading, and Leila and I did a review of the three letters she has learned. Then, we read our magazines that had just arrived in the mail from Grandma before all three kids set out on an expedition in the woods and I set off to the kitchen to make dinner.

This past weekend, Zahra and Saïd got in some good daddy/daughter time, and Zahra advanced in her project. Her bird feeder is done, but as she explained in no uncertain terms, her bird project is not. In fact, we have joined our local Club ornithologique (birdwatching club) and Zahra and I have our first outing next weekend. We bought new binoculars for the occasion, and she is so excited that I can’t help but be as well.