Saïd and I woke up at 8:30 today. I still had blankets and there were no little feet in my face. It was oddly quiet. We heard some faint giggling. Saïd started breakfast and I walked into the Work Room to find all three of our children working peacefully with clay, making fairy houses and then lining them up outside in Fairyland. So sweetly occupied that no one had knocked down our bedroom door and no one was even asking for breakfast. So, yeah…that was awesome.

After a quick breakfast, I gave them an hour outside, and then it was really time to get something done. Noah sat hunched over his writing workbook. He was muttering something, so I leaned in a little closer. “I like this book, I like this book, I like this book.” I burst out laughing.

Jill had stopped by with her kids yesterday as they were taking a walk. When it was time for us to go in, Noah’s protest about writing was very dramatic, and Jill gave him a little pep talk. “Noah,” she said, “it’s all in your mind. Just tell yourself you love that book. Keep repeating it. It will sink in.” She got a little smile out of him, but more despair than anything else. So, this morning, when I heard him muttering this under his breath, I was delighted and couldn’t wait to tell Jill.

knitting clubWe worked on a variety of things until lunch and then it was time for knitting club. Zahra is making real progress, and today she had knitted enough to tie it off and sew it up into a little bag with a button closure. My stitches had fallen off my needles, but no matter; I wasn’t really working on a project anyway. So I started up again, getting the hand of the basic stitch. When Gen showed Zahra how she’d have to sew up the sides of her bag, Zahra turned to me and said, “It’s good that Daddy knows how to sew, right?” Little chance of me becoming the handy one in the family, but I’ll keep plugging away!


Little Passports letterThe other kids had been playing outside, and we joined them for a short walk around the neighbourhood. When we got home, we heated up leftover soup for dinner and then dug into our latest Little Passports package. I love how our suitcase is bursting at the seams from all the armchair travel we’ve done! This month, the country was Vietnam. Zahra read the letter aloud which described pagodas and a floating market. The souvenir was a bamboo slide whistle. Bamboo is a symbol of courage and bravery in Vietnamese culture.

bamboo whistle

A few more chapters of Dr. Dolittle, which Noah declared “the best book ever written”, and it was time for bed!