Oh, yes. You saw that right: that, my friends, is a drawing of the water cycle. And—I swear!!—I did NOT ask my kids to do it. Halfway through the morning, Zahra asked if we could make a drawing of the water cycle. I nearly fainted from excitement.

excitementWe were productive this morning on all accounts. Maybe it was because Zahra came down to the table dressed as Hermione Granger, and Noah and Leila were accompanied in their work by “wild animals”. The kids were on top of what I was going to ask them to do before I even asked, and each of them surprised me in some way. Noah kept working in his Star Wars math book; he didn’t want to stop. Leila was eager to arrange her clay letters into the words that I was sounding out and kept asking for more. And then Zahra, well, she asked to draw the water cycle.

water cycleSo we started on it, she and I. And Noah, drawn in by the magnetic field that is any of my kids getting one-on-one attention, picked up a yellow coloured pencil and started colouring the sun. Leila was listening to an audiobook and was therefore unaware of what anyone else was doing. After we completed our drawing, Noah went outside to play, and Zahra and I tackled her Hogwarts 3D puzzle. At this point, Leila joined in and showed impressive concentration for sorting pieces.

3d puzzle








In other news: Noah learned to peel potatoes (he says he loves it, which is great, because I hate it) and we found our Homeschool Co-op location! More on this in the near future, but suffice it to say that I had a little jump in my step all afternoon. We have a wonderful, energetic, talented and enthusiastic community in this area, and I can’t wait pull everyone together to create something great.

potatoquinn farm