Zahra and Noah participated in a Sports Day, organized by a homeschooling mom in Montreal. I heard about it in a Facebook group, and it sounded great to me for two reasons, mainly: I knew my kids would love the activities being offered (swimming, boxing, gymnastics and obstacle course) and they’d spend the day using their French. I had mixed feelings about the dropping-them-off part because they wouldn’t know anyone there.

IMG_6217But when I asked them a few weeks ago if they wanted to go, it was a resounding “oui!”; so this morning, I drove them across the city, took them into a centre they’d never visited before, left them with a group of kids they’d never met and told them I’d pick them up in five hours. They didn’t bat an eye. I got a quick hug and a “bye, Mom!” Of course, I stuck around to take a couple pictures. But then I let them have at it.IMG_6218







Leila and I got back in the car to drive across the Jacques Cartier bridge to the Stewart Museum. There was an exhibit on Santa Claus: all sorts of artifacts that had to do with Santa and Christmas. We met up with my friend Julie and her daughter Romi to admire the treasures and do a couple crafts. The girls’ favourite part, though, I think, were the windows.









After lunch out (it’s so easy to eat out with only one child!) and playing in the park, we said goodbye to our friends and ducked into the library for a bit before going to pick up Zahra and Noah. They came out all smiles and bubbling over with stories. Zahra told me that during boxing, she overheard one kid say about Noah, “He’s little but he’s strong!” and that, at one point, the whole group was chanting, “Noah! Noah! Noah!” I thought my boy might literally burst with pride, even more so because his sister was clearly in awe of him. Zahra made two new friends who she needs to see again, and since this particular event is offered once a month, I’m sure we’ll go back.

We headed home in the rain, and when we got there, I made popcorn and sliced apples, and we talked about the day some more before it was bath/book/bed.