Another day of camp, more adventures to be had! This morning, we started off with another ice breaker: two truths and a lie. The kids came up with some good ones! When it was time to read them aloud to the group, someone asked if they should read them in English or in French and someone else answered, both! That was quickly approved and I was impressed by everyone’s ability to translate on the fly. I was also impressed by Charles-Éric’s accent. For a kid who has only had a couple years of English in the school, his pronunciation and accent are really good!

After that, we talked about what makes a good pet and why a chicken is or isn’t a good pet, in their opinions. We also talked about what pets need and how easy it is to keep chickens. Zahra gave everyone a quick tour of the henhouse before we harnessed Padme, loaded our snacks into the wagon and took a walk to the park.
















The weather has been beautiful this week—sunny, warm, picnic-perfect weather. After a snack (for both the humans and the chicken), we played at the park. The kids organized their own game which took several rounds of “bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish…” before it could be started.





















They took turns holding Padme on the way back home, where we met up with Luba and her kids who were coming straight from swimming. Luba jumped right in, organizing a game of Kick the Can before another round of Capture the Flag. I had enough time to make a pizza and one of my famous smoothies (spinach, banana, mango, strawberry). I know summer is here when the blender regains its semi-permanent spot on the counter.


After lunch, the kids played in the back yard and we got out a couple sprinklers. Since they were already wet and in their swimsuits, it seemed like a good time to finish up those tie-dye shirts from yesterday. Each of the kids took a bowl or bucket and rinsed their t-shirt. Success! They turned out beautifully. The t-shirts went home with the kids today to be worn to camp tomorrow!



We ended the day on a high note by creating an obstacle course for the chickens. The kids divided themselves into small groups, each responsible for the creation of at least one obstacle to be added to the course. They had access to all kinds of supplies, from wood planks to cardboard, tape and scissors and more. While the kids worked, a couple of the chickens made their way to the front yard to inspect their progress. The kids came up with some clever ideas, and while they were catching chickens in preparation for the great course, I prepared the chickens’ motivation: grapes!



























































Padme was the best, of course. She’s the chicken that most likes hanging out with humans, so she was game for our course. She did really well, only running off a couple times once she had managed to get those elusive grapes!

I told the kids that, based on years of observation, Atwood is our smartest chicken. When given the chance to do the course, she took off running in the opposite direction—which, to me, proves that she’s still the smartest chicken.

(Check out video of the obstacle course on my Facebook page!)