I’m going to start at the end of today, because I just cannot get over this:


Right now, as I make a checklist of things to accomplish tomorrow morning and write this blog article, my boy is out on the town. His birthday gift from friend Kieran was dinner and a Baroque concert, and that’s where they are right now. Doesn’t he look handsome? He’d been excited about it all day, but when Kieran came to pick him up, I saw a flash of momentary fear in his eyes. He gave me a hug and whispered, “I wish you could come, too.” I. Love. This. Kid. I’m sure he’s having a blast now and will feel very grown-up when it’s all said and done.

The concert may very well put him in the Christmas spirit, too. We felt it this morning as we were painting Christmas cards at Jill’s house. Don’t let those angelic smiles on Noah and Chloé fool you: they’re the most spirited kids in that bunch! Beautiful middle children, partners in crime.









We left to pick up a few supplies for our afternoon crafting session at Nadine’s house. She’d been telling me about lapbooks for weeks if not months, but the idea of sitting and cutting and pasting and colouring and reading and writing…well, it didn’t seem very “Noah” to me. But I decided to give it a chance, and lo and behold, Noah worked hard on his Viking lapbook. Zahra did one on birds of prey, and Leila and I worked on one about the Jan Brett story, The Mitten. It was a very simple, age-appropriate one, and I can see this being good work for her when I’m engaged with one of the older ones on something else. She loves being crafty, and there are a couple other cute lapbooks she could do.